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Feed Freedom

Imagine the freedom to eat whatever you want and still be and feel healthy and fit. What I love the most about getting free around food is that I don’t have to make any food or food group the enemy. I have the power of choice, and I can enjoy all foods because I’m not addicted or a slave to any of them. To me that’s the definition of food freedom. Sugar, gluten and dairy, while they are known allergens that can stress our systems, no longer scare me or control me, because I can dabble without losing myself in the process.

How do you know if you’re addicted?

It’s when I see myself reverting repeatedly to certain foods out of habit and comfort that I know it’s time to take a break because that food has become an emotional crutch instead of a source of nourishment or even sensual pleasure.

Nourishment and sensual pleasure are the only good reasons to eat as far I’m concerned, and if neither is present, then neither are you, and if you’re not present, then eating has become an addictive behavior instead of a healthy life sustaining activity.

A Spiritual Approach to Nourishment

The way I re-wired my relationship with food might be different than what you’ve tried. Diets, abstinence, food allergy testing, fasting, etc, I’ve explored them all. But the only thing that’s had any lasting impact on my life is cultivating the Sacred Art of Eating as a Spiritual Practice.

In a nutshell, it’s about getting turned on about life giving nourishment, feeling the gratitude and blessings that arise out of that, and making choices that I know will expand that experience.

Are you ready to learn?

If you are, I’m ready and excited to support your journey. There’s very little that excites me more actually. If you’ve tried it all and want a profound shift, let’s journey together! Whether you attend one of my private, couples or group retreats, you'll have the joyfull experience of food as celebration instead of struggle and that is a profound place of power that will feed your dance of freedom!

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