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Trekking in India and How's Your Car?

Photo Credit Richard Wegman

I’ve just returned from an epic adventure in India that included cooking classes, markets, temples, saddhus, caves, ashrams, yoga, meditation, chanting and remote village to village trekking. A most privileged and memorable experience was being the only non Indian in sight or earshot for 7 days of my trek. I never realized that I’ve never had that experience before. Not hearing or seeing anyone like me was….refreshing. Nobody that thinks like me, dresses like me, looks at life like me. I had no one to share my observations with, or hear theirs, so everything simmered and deepened within me, and continues to as each day goes by since my return. Immersing myself into a foreign culture and a foreign land awoke many questions and insights. Diving into the mystery for a week in this way was a rich soul awakening to be sure.

While a week’s not that long, a sustained experience for 7 days that is radically different than the one you’re used to living, does have life changing impact. For instance, as an adult, have you ever been barefoot for a week? Can you even imagine what it would be like to connect with mother earth in this way, uninterrupted for 7 whole days. I wrote about earthing and its powerful benefits awhile back in my blog.

Being barefoot is a big part of my weeklong cleansing retreats on the beach in Mexico. On a High Vibration Cleansing retreat we cleanse to release the toxins we’ve built up over time that are disease causing and aging. Feasting on live, anti-inflammatory deliciously nourishing food and juices, we drink in the light and love of pure life force radiance. At the same time, we replenish ourselves energetically through our direct and intimate connection with earth through our feet.

Together, cleansing and earthing are a divinely immersive dance of Higher Self love & Divine communion.

Think “all over re-boot” or "getting under the hood" for that long needed tune up and oil change!

BTW, are you taking better care of your car and computer than you are of yourself?

I have room for you in February or March if you feel like a barefoot beach vacation with a delicious twist of whole-being wellness is calling you. You so deserve this!

I am 65. I have never felt so light & free physically & mentally in my life. This retreat revealed abilities that I did not think I had such as ridding my food addictions and thoughts that are harmful. Thank you Leela from the depths of my heart! J.D. Kansas City

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