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Turn on to Raw

Truth is, I never imagined that my kitchen would one day be my happy place. I had so many issues around food that it was hardly anything I wanted to spend more time than necessary focussing on. Body image, weight issues, food senstivities, food addictions, you name it, been there, done that!

That all changed when I did my first year of all Raw in 2001.

On every level, a raw food diet shifted me profoundly.

Physically, I cleared up my seriously anxiety scarred skin caused by stress when my first marriage imploded years earlier. I also shed about 15 extra lbs that were slowing me down.

Emotionally, I stopped feeling guilt with every (and I mean every) meal. Imagine, up until the age of 33, I'd felt unworthy of the very thing that kept me alive, food! Crazy, it’s like feeling guilt every time you take a breath!

Spiritually, I stopped seeking food to fill me emotionally and I began experiencing food as a spiritual communion. My gratefulness for food, especially live, high vibration food went through the roof. I began celebrating the act of nourishing myself and appreciating the beauty and life giving essence of fresh, nutrient and enzyme dense food for raising my Superconsciousness intimacy with Source.

Given all the above, I’m sure it’s no mystery to you why sharing my love and reverence for the Raw food diet turns me on so much. And it’s why I so love getting my guests and clients turned on to it too.

My Art of Raw Idaho retreat is happening next month on the Pend Oreille river just outside the quaint town of Sandpoint. It’s a stunning location and even with 9 live food raw “cooking” classes we’ll have time for country lane walks, paddle boarding and daily yoga. And on top of bringing home a manual of more than 30 of my favorite recipes, you’ll also leave cleansed!

I can’t wait to get Raw with you


This retreat was set in an idyllic location on a river in Idaho I was able to take beautiful long walks in nature. The retreat itself was nothing short of life-changing. Leela is an angel. She has elevated raw food preparation to an art form-both visually and gastronomically. Each dish that she presented was beautiful to look at and unbelievably delicious. She also taught us not only how to prepare these dishes but also how to eat mindfully. Additionally Leela was so kind and patient teaching yoga and movement to two elderly non-yogis. All in all this was a wonderful experience and I highly recommend it.

Ruth O’Connell

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