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Our back drop is the incessant ebb and flow of mother Yemayah as our sacred container. We’ll use an inspirational text to introduce ideas and concepts which we embody, explore, and challenge to arrive at essence-self truth. We’ll ask ourselves and each other questions to inspire awareness, insight, and ultimately choices that liberate and augment our day to day living contentment.


At this small group retreat (maximum 4 guests) I’ll guide you in daily practice of Hatha yoga flow & meditation, self inquiry using a chosen text for this retreat, feed you delicious vegan meals, and dance & movement to raise your vibration sustainably. Together we’ll experience and embody the ecstatically rich natural world surrounding us on the beautiful Mexican riviera for a nourishing and blissful week of fun and celebration of essence-self truth.
“The fate of being human is that our spirit is revealed like the arc of a comet. The outer surface of our life is worn away as we move through time, our center getting brighter as we fall through the years. Living through the time we’re given, we keep becoming more essential, until all that’s left is light.” Mark Nepo

This retreat is for you if any of these apply:
You long to experience a deep and sustained dive into the nourishing wisdom of essence-self truth. 
You crave sharing sacred space with others who can support and augment your journey.
You long for rest, replenishment and rejuvenation,
You are at a cross roads and in need of a safe and sacred retreat space that will help to answer important life questions.



The focus of this year’s retreat of inner reaching for higher being, is the book “The Endless Practice" by Mark Nepo. I’ve been profoundly nourished and poetically awoken to deeper understandings and self mastery from it's pages. I look forward to going even deeper with you to make sense of and peace with the peaks and valleys odyssey that is this wild and precious life.



Date: TBA
Cost: TBA
Price includes:
Welcome Dinner and Daily Vegan Breakfast & Lunch
Beachfront accommodations at Casa Firefly, Playa Troncones
Airport transfer
2-3 classes/day
1 Spiritual Counseling Session/pp
Not Included
Dinners (Other than the Welcome Dinner)

Space is limited!
Reserve your spot with a $500usd deposit. Payment plan options available.  
Contact me now to reserve or if you have any questions.
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