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Leela Francis Retreats
Troncones, Guerrero, Mexico
Private or Couples Yoga and Meditation Retreat
            March 19-25, 2025           
 Contact Us for Your Custom Dates.

Yoga and Meditation In Paradise.


Searching for an amazing ocean side Private or Couples Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Mexico in 2018?
You will find a yoga and meditation paradise here in Troncones, Mexico.


Are you navigating a life transition? Are you seeking greater fulfillment in your days? Are you craving greater meaning in the bigger picture of your life?

Life has a way of offering us the opportunities and challenges that encourage us to take a step back and reconsider what’s most important. At those times, we might look around at the life we’ve created and wonder how we got here? Have no fear.  You are not alone. This is a familiar pit stop on the journey of awakening and it’s a rich time for making conscious choices. A yoga and meditation retreat at our beautiful paradise on the beach in Mexico is the perfect way to explore and awaken to deeper truths that are difficult to access in
our busy every day lives. Surrounded by the beauty of nature, nourished with clean high vibration food, and supported with practices that inspire heart and soul and still the busy mind, you will come back home to your authentic inner compass.

I am devoted to supporting you on this journey. I love to create a healing environment for my guests. I share loving guidance and spiritual practices for souls who are ready to go deeper in order to rise higher. Having facilitated inner transformation and profound healing journeys for hundreds of beautiful soul’s on their life path, I’m ready to partner with you as you navigate your way home.


What to expect during and after your yoga and meditation retreat:

Physical benefits:

Weight Loss
Enhanced mental clarity
Relief from pain
Improved energy
More restful sleep
Elimination of excess toxins
Decreased Physical Signs of Aging


Psycho/Spiritual Benefits:

Powerful transformation
Profound Life Change
Deep Heart and Soul Openings
Radiant Self Worth

Rich and Authentic Body Mind Wisdom

Meditation Practice
Renewed sense of life purpose & meaning
Repatterning of beliefs and behaviors that undermine your
well being
Releasing of cravings and destructive eating habits
Guidance for healthy lifestyle and nutrition

















Includes 7 Nights Private Accommodation, Meals, Classes and Check Ins



Daily activities at your yoga & meditation retreat:

Daily yoga, meditation and chakra activation
Guided walking meditation
Daily probiotics, juices and/or smoothies
Freshly prepared delicious meals
Healthy lifestyle guidelines and life coaching
Daily coaching and check ins


Optional private healing sessions (for an additional fee)

Menu items available for you to choose from for your healing retreat:

Delicious Raw, vegan or vegetarian cuisine
Fruit and/or veggie juice and smoothies
Raw “cooking” classes
Private or group yoga
Ritual creation
Horse Back riding on the beach
Bird watching and kayaking in the laguna
Life Coaching
Vividly Woman Embodiment Coaching
Heart Math Resilience Coaching



Contact Us for Your Custom Dates.

If you have other dates that work better for you, please inquire. We’re happy to accommodate your dates when

Yoga and Meditation Retreat packages

See price list for Additional Classes and Activities here


Contact me to talk about your needs and desires, and to
explore how I can help you awaken the Vividly, Radiantly,
Agelessly YOU!

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