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The liver is responsible for over 500 functions in the body. Carb metabolism, drug, alcohol and environmental detoxification, a filter for everything that enters the intestines and blood, just to name a few of those functions. All of these have a profound affect on our mental, emotional and spiritual wellness, not to mention how they are depleting and limiting you physically.

On a Liver Cleanse & Clarity Retreatyou'll enjoy a beautiful nature setting, private accommodation, delicious meals and juices, yoga, movement, loving care & guidance and more! I know the perfect recipe for retreating for health, wellbeing, radiant self worth & self confidence and it's my honor and joy to facilitate this for my guests.

Who is the Liver Cleanse for?

Those who experience or have a history of: 

Food addictions, cravings or indulgences (Who doesn't?)

Alchohol or drug abuse

Mental fogginess

Tendency toward anger, irritability or negative mental states

Digestive disturbances (Gas, bloating, constipation)

Skin issues

Weight gain or inability to lose extra weight

Depression or moodiness


Slow metabolism




Chronic Fatigue

High cholesterol and/or high blood pressure

Struggling immune system, colds, mucus

Poor or worsening eyesight

Fatty liver

What to expect during and after your retreat:

Physical Benefits:
• Weight Loss
• Enhanced mental clarity
• Relief from pain
• Improved energy
• More restful sleep
• Elimination of excess toxins
• Decreased Physical Signs of Aging


Psycho/Spiritual Benefits:
Powerful transformation
Profound Life Change
Deep Heart & Soul Openings
Radiant Self Worth
Rich and Authentic Body Mind Wisdom
Renewed sense of life purpose and meaning
Repatterning of beliefs & behaviors that undermine your
well being.
Releasing of cravings and destructive eating habits
Guidance for healthy lifestyle and nutrition


Daily activities at a Liver Cleanse & Clarity Retreat:
• Yoga/meditation instruction & walking meditation

• Dance/Movement practice
• Probiotics, juices and/or smoothies

•Liver Cleanse Supplements
• Freshly prepared delicious Raw meals & juices

• Cleansing classes and guidance
• Cleanse check in and program adjustments when 

necessary. Optional private healing sessions 

(for an additional fee)


Other Activities during the week
• Healthy lifestyle guidelines 
• Raw Food Prep Classes
• Sacred Art of Eating as a Spiritual Practice 

Activities available for you to choose from: 

(extra fee applies)
Ritual creation

Spa Treatments
Horse Back riding on the beach
Bird watching and kayaking in the laguna
Life & cleanse Coaching
Vividly Woman Embodiment Coaching
Heart Math Resilience Coaching


Casa Firefly is located on Troncones Beach within walking 

distance to restaurants, shopping and markets. 

See photos of the bungalows and the grounds.

Your private palapa style bungalow includes queen bed, 

private bathroom, outdoor patio and shared living room. 

There are many private and shady spots for lounging on 

the grounds, swinging in a hammock and floating 

in the pool.


Transformational Retreats Prices:

Basic Liver Cleanse Retreat $1950usd/guest 

 Contact Us for Your Custom Dates.



7 nights private accommodation  

Full cleansing menu, 

1 pre-retreat detox consultation, 

All classes

Daily Yoga & Meditation Instruction, 

Daily Dance & Meditation

Daily check ins

Liver Cleanse Supplements

Liver Cleanse Protocol Tools

See price list for additional activities

Contact me to talk about your needs and desires, and to explore how I can help you awaken the Vividly, Radiantly, Ageless You! 


Email me for information about our healing and cleansing retreats and at home 

coaching packages. You may also call me at 509-688-5427

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