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Would you like to truly inhabit your body like the beautiful temple that it is, honor the wisdom that lives inside you, experience peace, fulfillment and integrity? Are you longing for greater consciousness around the way you nourish yourself on all levels; physical, mental/emotional and spiritual? Do you feel you deserve more and are ready to start enjoying the richness instead of struggling with the roadblocks in your life?


Let’s get together to create more light, joy and self love in your life.

Embodiment Coaching

Deactivate your triggers and unhealthy coping behaviors at the level of your body and learn how to self manage these every day challenges. Discover how to live in your body temple instead of inspite of it. Come home!


Cleanse Coaching

You can live Vividly, Radiantly and Agelessly starting now! Choosing how to nourish yourself with live foods, proper food combining and regular cleansing will radically change the way your digestive system, and in turn all your systems function. Clarity, happiness, spiritual connection and greater aliveness are all waiting for you. I’d love to help you start out or continue on the path of what I call the sacred art of eating as a spiritual practice. Together we’ll design a cleanse that will support your goals and visions for the Vividly, Radiantly, Agelessly YOU!

Contact Leela for information about availability and rates.

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