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Leela Francis' Classes and Workshops

With over two decades of teaching and coaching, I offer customized
classes and workshops for your group in Spokane, Washington, 
Troncones, Mexico, and will happily travel to facilitate my offerings at
your live event. I teach raw food cooking, yoga, meditation and dance
classes and eco therapy processes.
Raw Food Cuisine Hands On Workshop


I am a certified Pure Raw Holistic Nutrition Chef and Cleansing Coach.

I’m passionate about the nutritional and creative possibilities of Raw food

cuisine and I love sharing this passion with others. Clean, highly nutritious

and enzymatically rich, raw foods are a wonderful way to cleanse the body,

achieve and maintain a healthy weight, and raise our energy vibration.

My place or yours, we can custom design a cooking class that meets your

needs or choose from one of my menus. Plan a cooking class party with

friends, a one timer or a series of classes.


Classes are available November-May in and around Troncones, Mexico

and May-November in and around Spokane, WA.


Contact me so we can talk about creating magic together in the kitchen!

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Life Joy Yoga Classes 

Having taught yoga classes for over 20 years, I have

witnessed a yoga practice's profound effects on your body

and soul. Practice Yoga with me if you want:

~To discover how to practice yoga in a safe and nourishing 

way for your body, your mind and your spirit

~To infuse your practice and your life with more peace,

positive attitude and ability to relieve stress

~To learn how to age gracefully with more agility and


~To start or enhance clean, healthy living with guidance &


~To shift from treating your body like a machine to 

honoring it as a temple

~ For replenishing me time away from it all

(You deserve it!)


Join me for private or group classes & retreats.  Join me for Yoga & breath classes and retreats in my beautiful Eastern Washington lake view home and on the beach in Playa Troncones, Mexico.

Contact me if you would like me to teach a private or group class.

Dance Workshops

I’ve spent my life dancing and training to facilitate the magic

of dance for others. I trained, performed and competed

rigorously until I was 16 when my father had a heart attack while

dancing at my cousins wedding, dying shortly thereafter. That’s

when I really started dancing and haven’t stopped since.

Dance has been my therapy, my sanity, my creative expression

and my sensual awakening. It’s a past time that I will never tire of

because as I grow, evolve and change, so too does my dance.


I’ve trained in the following dance styles and conscious dance

Belly dance, flamenco, jazz, rhythmic gymnastics, Nia, Trance

Dance, Journey Dance, Dancing Freedom, Expressive Arts

Therapy , Yoga Trance Dance & Vividance.

Join me in Troncones, Mexico for regular classes at Tres Mujeres

Hotel or at one of my Dance & Cleanse Group Retreats.


I’m also available for hire at one of your live events where you’d like to get participants embodying your message. Contact me so we can discuss your vision and how I can be a part of it.


Dear Leela,

Physically, your dance classes were incredible but the true blessing for me was the emotional freedom that opened up for me when I danced in accordance with my heart. I didn’t know I had it in me! I believe I’ve always wanted to be a REAL dancer but was always WAY too self-conscious for it. YOU, my dear, pulled me into a venue of love and expression that I never felt possible. I definitely want to do more of it.

David B


“Leela helped me re-discover my body, my breath and the fact that I love to dance. Wow, what a change! Thank you for helping me shift and dance in ways I never thought imaginable! And my husband thanks you, too!” Jane Ubell-Meyer



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