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The High Vibration Private or Couples Cleanse Retreat
       Playa Troncones, Mexico 
                                                March 19-26, 2025                                              
     Contact Us for Your Custom Dates
Your life is a divine canvas on which you express 
the beauty of your true self. Your body is a sacred 
temple that profoundly supports the dance of your 
life. The way you feed and treat it can be a spiritual 
practice, a matter of practical necessity or a way to 
hurt yourself. Regardless of  where you’ve been up
until now, which do you choose for yourself today 
and for all your tomorrows? Cleansing is a spiritual 
practice. It’s a way of connecting with the wise, 
self-honoring, ever awakening being that lives inside
You can move into a more conscious relationship
with food, your body, and your soul self and it will
dynamically change your life. I’m here to help you
do that!
My healing, detox and spiritual awakening retreats
are custom-designed for you and what you most
need now. Together we’ll map out a program that
serves your unique goals.
Come alone, bring a friend, family member or your life
partner. Accommodations are 1 per bungalow so you'll
always have your private space to retreat according to 
your unique needs.

Spend from 3 to 10 days with me in paradise on a
custom designed transformational retreat
releasing, renewing and replenishing.

Your body, heart and soul are craving nourishment,

You’ve been putting off time for you,
You’re ready to escape into a sensual, exotic,

healing retreat environment

to rediscover and nourish your inner light and truth.

 At my beautiful beachfront villa on the Pacific coast of Mexico, you will be held in sacred, safe and honoring space. Together we’ll co-create a cleansing and healing retreat custom designed for you, anywhere from 3 to 10 days based on your schedule and needs. As a Private Retreat guest, I will be here for you, one on one, to guide your healing and  detox retreat experience, to support your transformational and self discovery journey, and lighten the way as you navigate the opportunities/challenges that can be part of the journey back to radiant self worth, self love and self care!


What to expect during and after your

personal Raw Detox Retreat:

Physical Benefits:

• Weight Loss
• Enhanced mental clarity
• Relief from pain
• Improved energy
• More restful sleep
• Elimination of excess toxins
• Decreased Physical Signs of Aging


Psycho/Spiritual Benefits:
Powerful transformation
Profound Life Change
Deep Heart & Soul Openings
Radiant Self Worth
Rich and Authentic Body Mind Wisdom
Renewed sense of life purpose and meaning
Repatterning of beliefs & behaviors that undermine your
well being.
Releasing of cravings and destructive eating habits
Guidance for healthy lifestyle and nutrition


Daily activities at a High Vibration

 Raw Cleanse Retreat:

• Yoga/meditation instruction & walking meditation

• Dance/Movement practice
• Probiotics, juices and/or smoothies
• Freshly prepared delicious Raw meals & juices
• Cleanse check in and program adjustments when

necessary. Optional private healing sessions

(for an additional fee)

Other Activities during the week

• Cleansing classes
• Healthy lifestyle guidelines 
• Raw Food Prep Classes
• Sacred Art of Eating as a Spiritual Practice 

Activities available for you to choose
from for your raw food cleansing retreat:

(extra fee)
Ritual creation

Spa Treatments
Horse Back riding on the beach
Bird watching and kayaking in the laguna
Life & cleanse Coaching
Vividly Woman Embodiment Coaching
Heart Math Resilience Coaching


Casa Firefly is located on Troncones Beach within walking

distance to restaurants, shopping and markets.

See photos of the bungalows and the grounds.

Your private palapa style bungalow includes queen bed,

private bathroom, outdoor patio and shared living room.

There are many private and shady spots for lounging on

the grounds, swinging in a hammock and floating 

in the pool.


Transformational Retreats Prices:


Basic Cleanse $2150usd/guest

Contact Us for Your Custom Dates.



7 nights private accommodation  

Full cleansing menu,

1 pre-retreat detox consultation, 

3 Gourmet Raw Food Prep Classes,

Daily Yoga & Meditation Instruction,

Daily Dance & Meditation

Daily check-ins

See Retreat Packages here

See price list for additional activities

Contact me to talk about your needs and desires, and to

explore how I can help you awaken the Vividly,

Radiantly, Ageless You!


Email me for information about our healing and cleansing retreats and at

home coaching packages. You may also call me at 509-688-5427


                                             Guest Testimonials

The week of transformation that Leela provided exceeded all my explanations. It was

an amazing journey of self discovery, self love and empowerment. Her amazing

teachings,love, delicious food and support were more fulfilling than I could have

imagined possible. She has truly altered my life as well as probably literally saved it.

I will be forever grateful. Stacey










What a journey this week has been. Gentle and unfolding under Leela’s kind care.

Leela created a place and the space for me to listen to my heart song, which has been

a whisper. Now I can hear it more clearly. My relationship with my body is blooming-

A place where I can care for her each day through this new relationship with food

where she is loved & nourished, living in health and vibrancy. There are no words for

this gift I carry home with me. Just thank you, I love you. Nancy






Wow! I never thought I could or would eat raw vegan food for a week (or even a full day), l

et alone like it! I’m used to Starbucks at least once a day and other fast food at least twice a

week - and I had NO cravings while I learned about and ate the healthiest foods and had an

incredibly powerful detox including a full-day of juice-only.

Although my body got a serious restoration, for me, this has been more of a spiritual rebirth.

I came to help me learn more healthy eating habits, but as timing happened, I just ended a

beautiful relationship of 9 years the day before I arrived and had to start going through that

process of letting go.

Leela is an incredibly understanding and gracious host who honored where I was at as well as

worked with my picky tastes.Her villa is amazing, on a remote beach where a combination of

yoga, dance and meditation have really helped me go deep and feel my pain as well as access

peace and self-love. The timing couldn’t have been more serendipitous.

Regardless of your reasons, I highly recommend Leela’s retreat as an incredible opportunity

to relax, recharge, rejuvenate and be reborn.

Thank you Leela, I feel incredibly blessed to have been here at this time.

Namaste and Cheers!


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View from the kitchen..
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