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Taking a Personal Retreat at Casa Firefly
You have most likely heard of the expression referring to real estate: "Everything is location, location, location". Your retreat will be held at a stunning location at beautiful private retreat and home on the ocean known as Casa Luciérnaga, or "Casa Firefly". Here you will enjoy your personal retreat of yoga, meditation, detox cleansing, beach walking, dancing, reading or simply doing whatever your soul desires in the peaceful town of Troncones, Mexico. This is an amazing place to rest and rejuvenate to the sound of the surf and gulls.

Dining Area Overlooking the Sea

What to Expect of Your Personal Retreat at Casa Luciérnaga, or "Casa Firefly" in Troncones, Guerrero Mexico
Troncones, Mexico is still a well-kept secret. Conveniently located, it is only 20 minutes from the Ixtapa Zihuatanejo airport (pronounced Zie-wah-ten-ae-ho ) with many wonderful things to do. There are no high rises or commercialism. Rather, there are many small boutique hotels, restaurants, shopping and nightly dancing at various restaurants. The beach is clean and vast. You won't be bored here at all. In fact, time will pass too quickly. It magically attracts like-minded people who want to come here to get away from it all. You will find an amazing community of wellness practitioners as well as interesting guests from around the world.  Most importantly, you will find peace and transformation. Leela will help you "reset" and rejuvenate so that you can reenter the world and do all that you do with a new lease on life. 
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