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High Vibration
Physical, Mental & Spiritual Health 
Retreat & Coaching Packages

Indulge yourself with an intimate wellness retreat at a beautiful oceanfront villa on the Pacific coast in Troncones, Mexico or on the Pend Orielle River in Sandpoint, Idaho

Liver Cleanse & Clarity 
Private/Couples Retreat


The liver is responsible for over 500 functions in the body. Carb metabolism, drug, alcohol and environmental detoxification, a filter for everything that enters the intestines and blood, just to name a few. All of these have a profound affect on our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellness.

The practices, nutritional supplements and liver supporting foods included in a liver flush help clear the clouds to encourage the light of clarity health on every level.

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Mexico Beach Cleanse
Private/Couples Retreat


At my beautiful beachfront villa on the Pacific coast of Mexico, I create a sacred, safe and honoring space for your blossoming. As a Private Cleansing Retreat guest, you’ll enjoy one-on-one guidance and support as you navigate the opportunities  as well as challenges that can be part of the healing journey back to radiant self worth, self love and self care!  If you intend to bring your partner,  understand the many benefits to undertaking a healing cleanse together.     Read More

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Art of Raw Cooking 
Small Group Retreat

Spend 5 days nourishing & cleansing yourself on all levels, while learning how to prepare gourmet raw meals and snacks that are simple, nutritious and most of all delicious! Explore the world of enzyme rich, low glycemic food that preserves the nutritional value without compromising taste. Preparing and eating Raw can be an art, a sensually rich art.

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Treating yourself to a yoga and meditation retreat at our beautiful seaside paradise is the perfect way to explore and awaken to deeper truths that are difficult to access in our busy every day lives. Surrounded by the beauty of nature, nourished with clean high vibration food, and supported with practices that inspire heart and soul and still the busy mind, you will come back home to your authentic inner compass.

The Most Beautiful and Tranquil Setting for your Personal Retreat Awaits You.


The location for your next personal detox cleansing retreat or yoga retreat couldn't be more serene and peaceful, yet there is plenty to do if you desire. The beaches of Troncones, Mexico are quiet, clean and expansive. You can walk for hours and collect sand dollars, release baby sea turtles once a week at sunset, go boogy boarding in the waves, ride horseback on the beach or simply just sit and meditate on the waves. Leela's perfect sanctuary has a lovely pool overlooking the ocean where you can swim laps or just float. See more photos of Casa Firefly where the retreats are held... Or enjoy the Pend Oreille River in North Idaho, just outside the quaint town of Sandpoint, an idyllic paradise of country roads for ambling and winding rivers to laze by and float down. 

Two Amazing Retreat Locations:


Leela creates a sacred, safe and honoring space for your personal retreat. Whether you want to lose weight, improve mental clarity or restore and regain energy, Leela's detox cleansing and spiritual retreats, together with yoga, dance and meditation, will help you regain energy and restore you back to your radiant self.


Troncones, Mexico

is a well-kept secret. It is a small, pristine community with no high rises or large tourist compounds.  Just unspoiled serene beauty and magic, together with many wonderful boutique restaurants, healthy fresh food choices, shopping and an array of outdoor activities such as yoga, horseback riding on the beach, surfing lessons, mountain biking and surfing, swimming, snorkeling, nightly dancing and beach walking. For your retreat, you will stay in a gorgeous, comfortable oceanside villa (in your own private bungalow) with a pool and a yoga deck right on the beach. You will never want to leave!  Read more about our upcoming Retreats…


The Pend Oreille River

venue is a brand new luxury retreat home with all the comforts of a 5 star boutique hotel and more. This quaint and quiet location will be like a home away from home where you can disappear away from daily stresses and be reborn on your own terms. The sauna, steam and river plunge will exilerate and accelerate your detox experience. Stand up paddle boarding, serene walks, helping in the garden and massage are all optional activities to discover yourself anew. Read more about our upcoming Retreats…

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