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Liver Cleanse Clarity

You don’t know what you don’t know, right? But when you do know what you don’t know, you can wake up! Clouds get in the way of knowing what you don’t know. A cloudy liver, a liver bogged down in toxins is a sluggish liver that gets in the way of seeing and knowing truth so that you can live by that truth. A clear liver, free of toxins, sheds crystal clarity on the truth that is always before us, yet often shielded by clouds of toxicity.

The liver is responsible for over 500 functions in the body. Carb metabolism, drug, alcohol and environmental detoxification, a filter for everything that enters the intestines and blood, just to name a few of those functions. All of these have a profound affect on our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellness.

That’s why I’ve added a Liver Cleanse & Clarity Retreat to my calendar. The practices, nutritional supplements and liver supporting foods included in a liver flush help clear the clouds to encourage the light of clarity and truth knowing, inspiring peace, happiness and joy, not to mention abundant physical wellbeing.

When the liver is clear, the mind can be more clear. Emotions like anger, resentment, irritabily, depression, moodiness and a tendency toward negativity can be detoxed when the liver is free of toxins.

Conditions like high choleterol, high blood pressure, compromised immune system are evidence of a toxic liver and can be aided with a liver cleanse protocol.

One of my teachers, Gabriel Cousins says "just living in the modern world with all its environmental and mental toxicity is in itself enough trauma to stress the liver".

Add to the that the way we eat (what and how much), and the liver doesn't have much of a chance, unless we give it some extra loving care. At Liver Cleanse & Clarity, we'll love the liver back to radiant health!

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