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Meditation & SuperConscious Cleansing

Did you know that meditation and conscious eating profoundly complement each other? Actually, they aren’t really that different. Both are enhanced by presence and single pointed awareness, which are a struggle for many of us. It is in fact this very struggle that discourages most novice meditators and makes them feel that they’ve failed. What a shame, when the truth is that it’s not the wandering mind that’s the problem, it’s actually our identification with it.

The style of meditation I lead and teach you how to practice during my retreats is called Ananda (Bliss) Meditation. It came through the lineage of Paramahansa Yoganada, author of Autobiography of a Yogi, the sage and Guru often sited for bringing eastern spirituality to the western world.

I love this style of meditation because it’s focus is Bhakti, the yogic word for devotion. It achieves its devotional quality by applying 8 Aspects of SuperConsciousness. Part of what I teach you is how to transcend identification with the mind, in favor of identification with the 8 Aspects. Read more below about the 8 Aspects.

At my retreats you’ll not only dive deep into this delicious practice, I’ll also break down the elements of an effective meditation practice for you so you understand why and how meditation works. Personally, I find this fascinating and inspires dedication to my practice.

Sitting meditation is one way to Superconsciousness. Conscious eating is another. Together, they elevate our state of being and remind us that sitting is only part of the story.

The real value of our meditation is bringing it in to our everyday lives. Since food is an every day activity, it’s a powerful place to apply,

and augment, our Bhakti consciousness.

Conscious eating and cleansing are meditation practices for me. They get me present which gets me high. Raising our vibrations together is one of my favorite past times. And my amazing guests feel the same way. Read testimonials here.

8 Aspects of SuperConsciousness

The 8 Aspects of SuperConsciousness are:

Love, Peace, Joy, Calmness, Power, Wisdom, Light & Sound

"True meditation is actual inner communion with one, or more of these attributes. Deep meditation can free you from delusion and give you truth” Paramahansa Yogananda

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