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Longing for Light

Yesterday I had lunch with a young woman half my age. She spoke of her yearning for a more tangible connection to spirit in her life. She’s been having trouble with her meditation practice and feels frustrated with her inability to touch the divine. I pointed out to her that she's actually truly blessed. The success of practice will come with time, I said, but what can’t be feigned is a genuine longing for a deeper connection to Source, and that is apparently alive and well within her.

Rumi communicates the message that the longing for God is God in his poem “Love Dogs" when he writes, "This longing you express is the return message. The grief you cry out from draws you toward union". I have journeyed with this wisdom for many years and treasure it.

But just to be clear, If you have a longing for spirit in your life, you should know that craving will never be satiated. The craving however will become less about what you don’t have enough of, and more about the blessings your already enjoy as evidence of all the yummy blessedness that awaits.

It’s a longing that’s more about celebrating,

less about complaining!

I love spending time in that sacred place of celebrating my longing for more intimate connection to Source, God, Higher Self, the Divine, whatever name works for you. I imagine you like it too which is why you're on my list. I created a life so that I can spend a lot of my time cultivating it in me and those I serve. It’s where I love to be so it’s where I want to live.

Where do you like to be and what do you want to nurture in your midst so you live there too? How can I help you?

My end of season sale ends tomorrow. Find out more here. So longing to celebrate with you.

Much love,


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