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A Time to Connect

This is a time to connect.

Connect with each other via social media, connect to our global community through news sources you trust, but most of all, connect to what matters most;

Connect inwardly to the highest form of love, love for the true essence of life itself, love for oneness with all creation and all that really matters, the energy that is Love.

You will find that love within you when you commune with your version of God, otherwise known as Love.

If you’re reading this blog it’s because we’ve likely met in sacred space. We’ve reached inward to reach higher. We’ve reached for truth as a path to awakening.

We’ve been in training for a time such as this, so that we could live at a higher frequency, and bring that back with us when times are not so challenging.

Spend as much time in silence each day as you can in order to amplify the sound of truth, that is Love, within you.

Though silence may at first make your thoughts louder, if you persist, and especially if you include communion with nature (nature in any form will do ie. the forest, a house plant, a pet, etc), the thoughts will begin to dissolve and the love for what is, and your oneness with the beauty of nature, will expand.

For those who’ve spent time with me meditating in and on nature, sometimes for hours, or days, you have the memory of those experiences to draw on.

If this is a first for you, just dive deep into the wonder that is nature, become curious with all of your senses, and flirt with nature as if you are experiencing love at first site. Fall in love with Love.

This is all there is dear ones.

Whichever way this all goes, we are safe, we are sacred, we are Love.

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