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I'm recently back from an amazing trip in Turkey, trekking, cycling and celebrating the 80th birthday of my dear friend Wendy. One of my closest soul sisters, and my neighbor down the beach, Wendy has taught me how to live to the fullest. Wendy doesn’t even bother dreaming it, she just goes right for the living it.

“Living it" is what got me to Mexico 13 years ago, and it’s what keeps me making somewhat outside the box choices. Besides a creatively rich and nourishing life barefoot on the beach half the year, I’ve been traveling the world, seeing and drinking in diverse cultures and the wisdom they live and share.

I’m working on some new travel retreat offerings to take place over the coming years. Besides enjoying the nature, culture and cuisine our destinations have to offer, I’m especially excited to be planning trips that are physically and spiritually active.

I’ll be sharing more as the itineraries are set and my calendar is carved out. For now, I’m happy to let you know about a guest teaching gig I have coming up this January….


A Retreats in Being Experience

I’ve been invited to share my passions of yoga, creative movement and meditation on the Nicoya peninsula of Costa Rica. Another of my dearest friends & soul sisters, (for the past 28 years since we attended massage college together in 1991), Kara Sorenson of Retreats in Being, who has been leading culturally rich yoga retreats in Bali and Mexico for the past 6 years, is now hosting “Pura Vida”, a Costa Rica Retreat with Yoga, hiking, ceremony, water tai chi and a limited number of Janzu sessions (a profound water massage experience).

If you love to travel and appreciate seeing the world while also enjoying body and soul nourishing practices, you’ll love experiencing the wild and natural beauty of Costa Rica with Kara and I and the rest of the group. Our maximum group size is16 people to keep our experience intimate and easy. Use this link to find out more. There are only a few spots left.

Please note this is not a Vegan Raw Food retreat but can accommodate vegan food preferences. (For my Raw Food offerings please see my retreat calendar and stay tuned for more news soon about my upcoming retreats).

If you have any questions at all please reach out.

See more about Retreats in Being Costa Rica here

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