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Happy, Frisky and Free

Are you at all intrigued by the big surge in interest for the plant food diet? Do you find yourself wondering what all the fuss is about? It’s just plants after all; fruits & veggies, nuts & seeds. Why all the kerfuffle?

If you’re curious, here’s something to ask yourself; Why do you eat? For nutrition, pleasure, escape, creative or erotic excitement, or for some other reason? Think about it for a moment to determine what drives you to eat. The answer may seem obvious at first, but when you dig deeper, you might find that the answer isn’t what you thought it was. And maybe you thought that everyone eats for the same reason, but truth is, we don’t.

So let’s say you eat for nutrition. Well, plant food is actually more easily digested, making nutrients more bioavailable, more efficiently utilized by our body and less depleting than animal protein.

Perhaps you eat for pleasure. Plant food has an endless number of ways to be deliciously prepared, satisfying our taste buds giving us sweet and savory pleasure. And when our pleasure doesn’t compromise or threaten the pleasure of other living beings, the pleasure is enhanced. Don’t you agree?

If you eat for escape, as a way of distracting yourself from uncomfortable thoughts or feelings, you may as well consume food that’s more healthy for your body and your mind; feed two dogs with one bone, right?

If creativity or erotic excitement is what drives you to eat, plant based food has so many creative options and infinite aphrodisiac possibilities; far more than you find in the world of carnivorous cuisine. Check out my book The Sensual Art of Raw for some titilating examples.

For many the transition to a plant based diet may seem daunting.

That’s why I create a safe, sacred & deliciously nourishing space for my guests to begin that transition


deepen their plant food path.

It may not be easy at first, but as so many discover,

it’s well worth the adjustment period.

And while some say that killing plant life to eat it is just as insensitive as killing animal life, remember that we do far less harm in the process of growing, harvesting and consuming plants than we do when we propagate animals for food. The amount of water and land it takes to grow beef is staggering. Reports say that it takes hundreds of gallons of water to put one hamburger on your table. If for no other reason than responsible stewardship of our earth, most vegan options, (admittedly not all, but most), are profoundly more positively impactful for all beings. The ones who struggle to feed themselves, the ones whose habitat is endangered by encroaching ranch land, and the ones whose lives are sacrificed to feed those of us higher up on the food chain.

Given all the above, isn’t plant food a sustainability and health turn on! Just give me a week to get you hot and bothered about a vegan way of nourishing yourself. Not only will your conscience and body be clearer and healthier, you may also find yourself feeling more aroused than you’ve felt in a long time!

May all beings be happy, frisky & free!

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