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Real Men Cleanse!

Used to be that eating quiche was the measure of a “real man”. Well, times have changed, and while eggs and cheese have their place, I’m way more turned on by a man who knows the value of clean plant food to help him raise his vibration, physically, mentally and spiritually. Concern for sustainability of the planet is also pretty sexy in my book!

Did you think cleansing retreats were just for women? Well think again. Almost half of my private retreat guests have been guys, some with their significant other, and some have come on their own. Either way, the glow of their spirit after a week of retreating and cleansing is inspiring and awakens in me enormous hope for our species and our earth.

Do you know a guy who needs a little nudge to take extra special care of himself? Maybe he never would have considered a cleansing retreat because he thought they were just for Goddesses. Please make sure you share this email with him. It could be a life changer for him.

Having lost my father at age 16, (he was only 49 when he had his first heart attack and died), I guess you could say I’m super passionate about helping guys get off the hamster wheel and on the yoga mat!

Real men cleanse!




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