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Bird on a Plane

I just finished treating myself to a personal cleansing retreat, just like the ones I facilitate for my retreat guests. I got to enjoy all the yummy things that they enjoy; silent barefoot beach walks, nurturing and expansive yoga and mediation, dance, spa treatments on the beach, delicious cleansing food, and the time and freedom to fly!

I feel cleansed, I feel alive, I feel blessed, I feel…..high!

We’re so used to reaching for something in our lives to alter our mood or state of mind. Addictions, and even therapeutic use of mind altering plant medicines can fall into this category. While I understand the attraction, because I’ve experienced all of the above myself, I still don’t think it compares to the expansive state of love and awareness that comes with a week of inward immersion through conscious nutrition, soul nurturing practices and the profound insights that arise, all without having to chemically alter our brain with external substances.

In the words of Osho, “using drugs to get high is like a bird taking an airplane!”

I’m delighted to say that the safe and sacred space I create, my life’s calling, is a path to awakening using nature, love and time that nurtures the high from within. Let’s get high together!

My end of season sale starts today and runs though May 27th, or until all spots are filled. See more here for how much you can save on each retreat and learn more about the ones you’re interested in.

Come fly with me!

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