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Empty Body, Empty Mind, Soaring Spirit

Photo credit Rolando Morales Perez

Garbage is garbage whether it’s the stuff under your kitchen sink, the stuff clogging up your digestive tract or the space between your ears. We have to diligently take out our physical & mental garbage, just like we remove the trash from our homes and our cars. Otherwise, guess what happens. It really starts to stink, we end up in a living mess and it seriously lowers our energetic vibration.

You take out your garbage at least once a week, right?

You probably do a more thorough cleaning once a month, getting those half eaten bananas and cucumbers out of the crisper and the leftovers that got lost at the back of the bottom shelf.

Every 6 months or so you look a little more closely and attack the dust bunnies and cobwebs from under the beds and in those pesky corners.

And then once a year you do the ritual of spring cleaning (whether that happens in the spring or whenever you feel like it), and with a feeling of profound satisfaction fill a big garbage bag or two full of junk that not only don’t you need anymore, but is also cluttering up your day to day existence!

What about your mind and your body? Don’t you need to take out the garbage that accumulates in your physical body and in your constantly thinking, judging, obsessing mind?

Cleansing is about taking out the garbage to make room for more inner light.

I recommend cleansing regularly because just like your house, your body gets bogged down with rotting debris, and your mind gets clouded with all kinds of old, no longer necessary and toxic thoughts. All of that is what could very well be making you sick, old, and tired. And life’s simply less fun that way.

Like the regular habit of taking out the garbage, cleansing is not a one time thing. I help my cleansing clients embark on a path of cleansing as a lifestyle practice that nourishes every area of their lives, significantly raising their life force frequency. Once you try it, the experience speaks for itself, and you naturally gravitate to creating more of the same, and now that you know the way, (the fun, delicious and life inspiring way) it’s easy!

Experience a high vibration cleansing retreat with me! Let’s soar together on the wings of emptiness.

Love and cleansing bliss,


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