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Retail Therapy; Are you hooked?

I'm very well acquainted with “retail therapy". I learned from the best. My mother was a serial shopper; buying, returning, buying, exchanging, a never ending dance of looking for happiness in material stuff. Shopping was how me and my mom bonded, so it's no surprise to me that I love to shop! I love colors and fabrics and shapes and styles. I love clothing, kitchen gadgets, home decor, garden ornaments, exotic foods, books, trinkets, original art, spiritual paraphenalia, 2nd hand stores, online outlets, Craigslist and local garage sales. I'm a shopping addict, in recovery, who gratefully now has a lot more time (and money) to find happiness and well being in self-care instead of the accumulation of stuff.

Did shopping ever really make me happy? Yes, for about 15 minutes after a purchase I suppose it did. And then life's challenges and realities would creep back in, despite my new shoes, food processor or hairstyle. It was never, shall we say, a very enduring, fruitful investment.

What is a fruitful investment? Where can you spend your hard earned dollars and generate a sense of contentment and well being that will last? I'm so glad you asked.

Learning how to take care of yourself is the best investment you can make with the best rate of return ever.

Just like teaching a woman to fish vs supplying her with fish, coaching & cleansing with me will give you the tools to keep YOU at the top of your to do list. The trickle down affect into every area of your life is profound. There's simply nothing and no one that will not be touched and enhanced by the time you invest in your radiant aliveness. While your new shoes may impress and generate the envy of some, they won't open your heart, encouraging deeper intimacy and meaningful friendships. Dishes that match your color scheme and the newest iPhone won't relieve digestive discomfort after you've over indulged at a social gathering (or a midnight binge at the fridge) and that new Lexus won't make up for chronic joint inflammation or a downward trend toward diabetes.

A week of cleansing might seem like it costs a lot, but when you compare it to what you spend on things that don't make nearly as much of a difference to your life, it's small in comparison. So, how devoted are YOU to you, really?

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