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Cleansing and Conscious Nutrition as a Lifestyle.

Nobody I know has a perfectly pristine diet. And anyone that does probably has

cleansing diet and nutrition

mastered the art of denial for good reason, like a significant health issue. While I myself, and many others I know have abstained from certain foods or food groups for periods of time (days, weeks, months or years) for health reasons, I don’t know anyone who has lived a life time without indulging in what we know are the foods that can be harmful to our health.

The sum of years of eating foods, ingesting ingredients that deplete rather than truly nourish, contributes greatly to what we call aging. In fact it stands to reason that if we never ate anything, ever that corroded the physical body, it would break down at a much slower pace. But alas, naughty foods have become a part of our western lives, despite all the knowledge that we have that would persuade us otherwise. On the flip side, more of us are choosing health enhancing as opposed to health depriving foods more often, so I believe there is hope for what we’ve seen as a huge rise in obesity and resulting health issues in the developed world. However precisely because we still do tend to gravitate towards things that are harmful, i.e. packaged foods, dangerous fats, refined sugars, processed foods and alcohol, it’s helpful to think about how we can balance out these habits with behaviors that help to minimize their impact. One such way that I’m passionate about is cleansing.

What I know is that a habit of regular cleansing, can make a profound difference in the way your body functions, such that your cells, tissues and organs age at a slower pace. Think of your car. If you never cleaned it, changed the oil, or tuned it up, it would, quite simply break down more quickly. Our bodies are not much different. The act of cleansing does not have to be elaborate, expensive or feel like torture. In fact, considering that sensuality and pleasure are also youth enhancing elements, if you can infuse your cleansing with these attributes, you’ll be optimizing your cleansing efforts manifold layers.

Cleansing can be as simple as abstaining from one or more foods for a specific period of time, ranging from one day upward to any number of days, weeks, months or even years, though by the time you get beyond a couple of years, you can safely say you’ve adopted a specific diet that happens to be cleansing for your system. This is the ultimate way to relate to food consciously. My belief is that as we make a habit of regular cleansing, we notice the benefits in our every day life, which will motivate us to choose to cleanse more often. As we do so our diet generally becomes cleaner, and over time a cleansing diet becomes the rule rather than the exception. This is

how I’ve experienced cleansing and conscious nutrition becoming a lifestyle for myself and others.

When you stop ingesting depleting foods during a cleanse toxins get released in your system. An important way to optimize cleansing and remove all those toxins is intestinal cleansing like enemas, colonics and colemas. As long as you’re already eliminating regularly, you can add in fiber like psyllium and clay to help move waste through your system and more effectively empty out the digestive tract. Undigested food left in the tract causes toxification of your entire system. It’s essential to get everything out that gets put in other than the nutrients that your body uses to function.

Finally, cleansing and the conscious nutrition it encourages, is a powerful path to raising our vibrational energy, increasing our level of consciousness and making us generally more honest and loving with ourselves and others. After a cleansing retreat I feel like I’m soaring. If these attributes don’t make you feel younger I don’t know what does. Cleansing body, self and soul awakens our energy and keeps us radiantly light!

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