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Barefoot and Blissed

Do you have a list of your favorite things? The things that make your heart sing, bring depth and fulfillment to your life, and make you feel complete as a person?

My list includes love, friendship, health on all levels, yoga, dance, meditation, spiritual connection, time in the kitchen, and time out in nature (especially time in nature being barefoot on the earth).

Yes, being barefoot. I sometimes take it for granted, but the fact is that spending most of my waking hours each day barefoot on the earth, makes me super happy. The feeling of my feet touching the earth connects me quickly and deeply to what has true meaning and essence for me, connection to all of life.

I start most mornings with a barefoot run or walk on the beach. Known as Earthing, walking barefoot on the earth apparently draws into the body the earth’s free electrons, natures strongest antioxidants. These electrons help neutralise damaging excess free radicals that can lead to inflammation and disease in the body.

You might say I’ve designed a life to nourish my feet’s desires!

This may seem odd to some. But to those of us who live for a real and sacred connection to all of life, our feet are an access point to the nourishing wisdom of Mother Earth, Gaia. My feet dance me into ecstasy, they trek me to mountain tops, they pedal me to euphoric exhaustion and they walk me into places within myself of reverent presence and blissful inner peace.

That’s why every day of my group and private retreats we start each day with a morning barefoot walking meditation on the beach. It’s the best way I can think of to start the day in a profoundly connected way.

When was the last time you walked barefoot on the earth? Is it part of your daily life, or just something that happens once in awhile, or never? Curious to experience how something so simple can be so awesome!

Walk barefoot with me for a week in paradise!

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