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The Wisdom of Fatigue

If you’ve been reading my recent emails, you may be wondering why the end of season sale I mentioned hasn’t happened yet. I appreciate your patience and understanding. I had such a busy high season, between facilitating my group and private retreats, managing our bungalow rentals and running our local non-profit environmental organization, that when the season was approaching its end, I was just too exhausted to stir up a fuss for a sale.

Now that I’m getting a chance to be on retreat myself, to rest and recoup, I’m reflecting on the experience of fatigue and how I dance with it. What I see is that when I’m busy fulfilling my commitments and being in service to others, if fatigue hits me, I push through it. I love my work and fatigue can impinge on the joy of offering my loving service. It gets in the way, so I have to pretend it’s not happening and remember to do my best to self nourish, sleep well at night, and pace myself so that fatigue doesn’t creep into my days.

Now that I’ve got some down time, I’m noticing that when I feel fatigued, I automatically have that same attitude towards it. But what’s different now is that I don’t have to push through it. Now is actually the time that I get to rest so that when things get busy again, I’ll be replenished and ready to give to my fullest.

I’m grateful for the wisdom of fatigue. It’s teaching me to honor what my body really needs. That way I’ll be able to do the things that matter the most to me: play, serve and be present in my relationships with a loving heart.

It takes a bit of getting used to, but once you allow the deep exhale of surrender to being tired, she nurtures you with all her loving care to awaken more of the life force energy from within you.

My retreats give you the chance to be tired, to be loved and to feel deliciously renewed!




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