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New Year Gourmet Cleansing

As the New Year approaches, it’s the perfect time for paradigm shifts, letting go of old beliefs that are out of date and no longer serve us. One such belief you might be holding is that in order for a cleanse to be effective it can’t taste good. I’ve heard these questions a lot:

How can food taste so good and still be cleansing?

Is it still cleansing if it tastes good?

Is it okay to be nourished emotionally by the food when I'm cleansing?

Shouldn’t I be feeling deprived for this to be working?

These are all valid questions since many cleansing experiences are not very pleasurable. I’ve cleansed at many of the most renowned cleansing centers and institutes internationally. I can tell you first hand the food was not delicious, not by a long shot.

But does that mean that the food has to be unappetizing in order to be effective at cleansing?

My cleansing retreat guests describe my cleanses as “Gourmet Cleansing" because the food is delicious and cleansing at the same time.

Is cleansing with delicious food perpetuating food addiction

and unhealthy eating dependencies?

To me that’s like asking “is it okay to enjoy sex while you’re trying to make a baby?”

My passion for facilitating cleansing retreats which include love infused food that actually is delicious and soul nourishing have proven that you don’t have to deprive yourself to heal yourself. And perhaps it’s actually the other way around. Could it be that soul nourishment on every level amplifies healing for the body?

Here’s what my guests have had to say about it:

"The week of transformation that Leela provided exceeded all my expectations. It was an amazing journey of self discovery self love and empowerment. Her amazing teachings, love, delicious food and support were more fulfilling than I could have imagined possible. She has truly altered my life as well as probably literally saved it. I will be forever grateful." Stacey S

"Leela’s approach at her High Vibration Cleansing

retreat is an amazing expression of love at work.

Whether you’re a beginner at yoga or an advanced

student, she will challenge you to cleanse body mind

and spirit in unity.

I was amazed by how delicious the food experience was. Her lessons and treasure trove of knowledge gave me insight on food combining and showed me practical ways to honor my body. As a novice to yoga, by the end of the week I was more flexible in body and agile in mind. I’ve had several breakthroughs and now with my heart centre activated I look forward to receiving what is next. Your heart knows. Follow it. Experience the High Vibration retreat with Leela!"