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Dreaming Awake

I just woke up from a dream, a 30 year dream. In my dream I was trying to decide what to be when I grow up. While trying to decide, I spent lots of time learning, studying and exploring how to grow and be a better, more connected to spirit, human.

Today I’m not truly certain what is the dream and what is the reality. And truth is, that without truly knowing where I was headed, or even believing myself terribly worthy of it, I have spent most of my adult life cultivating the awareness and the skills to facilitate peace, healing and self love for myself and others.

Seeing this now, I feel so humbled and grateful for my stubborn devotion to this path. Guided by a faith in divine love as the most powerful force in the universe , my thirst for awakening has been a beacon and the reason why what I teach is grounded in and nourished by that divine guiding light.

I hope that you too my friend, feel the very same awe and appreciation for what you’ve spent most of your life learning and growing in your world.

If you’re not feeling that same appreciation, here are some questions to ask yourself:

What am I devoted to?

How is or isn’t my life work & creative play an expression of that?

How could my life be more an expression of that?

Do I need to make some changes on the outside, or on the inside, to integrate my devotion with my lived reality?

Making meaningful changes in our outer world depends on changes we make on the inside, because without that, our worldview will default to the very same picture that dissatisfied us in the first place.

Meditation, Yoga, dance, conscious eating & cleansing… these all are tools to help us massage our inner world so that our outer world is an authentic reflection of what most matters to us.

Are you ready to shake up your inner world in service of beautifying your outer world?

Take your pick of any of my retreats, group or private, and I’ll be honored to escort you to greater fulfillment in the dance of your life.

Join me in the pursuit of your inner joy for your outer joy!

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