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Stop Suffering and Overcome Body Image Issues

We live in a society where it’s normal to deny our feelings. We’ve learned to repress them instead of express them. And this has caused great havoc in the way we live our lives. Disconnected from the inner wisdom of our bodies.

Your emotions are energy in motion. And when you deny what you’re feeling this energy gets stuck in your body. These trapped emotions not only disconnect you from your wisdom, it also causes body armor. Body armor contains the unprocessed and unacknowledged emotions of past traumatic and even not so traumatic events. Everyday “normal” life causes us to shut down and shut off by denying our feelings in response to life situations. One unacknowledge emotion after another builds this armor.

Are you chronically denying your feelings?

Do you say things like…

“I shouldn’t feel this way.”

“It doesn’t matter.”

“It isn’t that big of a deal.”

Start to acknowledge your uncomfortable feelings. If someone said or did something that bothered you process the feeling. Find out what’s happening inside of you instead of justifying their behavior. Don’t be accommodating when it’s something you should address. And maybe you just need to address it within yourself. Or maybe you need to go to the person involved and let them know.

Either way, when you start to be real with what you feel you will create a different type of relationship with your body. Because in order to be real with what you feel you have to learn how to feel your uncomfortable feelings. This is how you take care of yourself emotionally. And when you know how to take care of yourself emotionally you get connected to your body in a self-honoring and nurturing way. This is the catalyst for great transformation and healing of body image issues.

You stop seeing your body from your mind like you used to. And you’ll start to feel your body from the inside out. Then, you’ll live IN your body instead of seeing it in comparison to others or how you THINK it should be. Learning how to BE in your body is exactly how you overcome body image issues.

Overcome Body Image Issues Through Pleasure

Once you start to live inside your body instead of from a mental construct of what you think it should be, you’ll start to experience more pleasure in it. I’m not necessarily talking about sexual pleasure. We live in an anti-ecstatic world and have learned how to wall off from all the joy and sensual pleasure that exists in everyday life.

The repressed and denied feelings that create body armor also keep you from feeling pleasure. Have you ever felt yourself stiffen up during a sexual experience? There’s nothing wrong with you because of it. I think it’s normal but a part of that is because you aren’t in your body. You have unprocessed emotions getting in the way of connecting with another in an intimate way.

Let’s face it, way too many men have no clue when it comes to giving pleasure to a woman. Biologically men’s sexual needs are very different from women’s. So don’t blame yourself if you find yourself stiffening up or walling off during a sexual exchange with a selfish, unaware or simply overly enthusiastic lover.

All of this can be transformed when you start to process your emotions and create a more emotionally nurturing relationship with your body. In other words a more sensual relationship with your body. You’ll attract a more sensitive lover because you have become more sensitive. Yes! I believe this is true. I have seen it in my own life. As I became more aware of my emotions and no longer stuffed them AND as I created a more sensual and loving relationship with my body the better of a lover I attracted.

Your Body is Energy

You see your body gives off energy. If you’re walled off from your emotions you’ll attract a man who is also walled off from his emotions. Sexual satisfaction often has an emotional component, especially for a woman. Also when you develop greater subtle body energy awareness your ability to open and be receptive will increase. If you’re walled off, you can’t open to pleasure.

So start by doing the first part. Processing your emotions. That is the first step to overcome body image issues. Once you’re no longer carrying baggage of unprocessed emotions your body will feel safe and become more receptive. And this increased receptivity allows you to experience pleasure. Whether that’s pleasure with yourself or with another.

Women are sensual beings and the female body was designed to feel pleasure. Lots of it! Not suffer from female body image issues! So in conclusion, become more emotionally aware by processing your uncomfortable feelings and establish a more loving and sensual relationship with your body.

I'm Anna-Thea an author and Divine Feminine Educator. I’m the author of Empower Yourself by Loving Your Body. I educate women to reclaim their bodies as sacred instead of thinking of them as an object that doesn’t meet up to societies impossible standards. If you would like to learn more please check out my online school.

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