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Why Private?

I’ve been facilitating live group retreats for a long time. It’s what you may have come to know me for.

Whether you’ve attended one of my live events or not you no doubt have savored the photographs of many of the beautiful beings who have shared sacred space with me over the years. It certainly has been a blessed ride, and I have the deepest gratitude for those who've travelled to create and be with me in that sacred space.

As happens to all of us, we grow, we change, we evolve (hopefully)! For some time now, my evolution has had me craving the chance to go deeper with my retreat guests. Groups are great, but I have to divide my time so much that I miss out on really getting to go deep with anyone. That’s what my heart has been craving and where I intuitively know I can offer my best service at this time.

So private retreats have become the exciting next step for me. (Having a beautiful home on the beach in Mexico with 2 adjoining guest bungalows make it a super easy choice!) It was written in the stars shall we say, or perhaps written in the sand is more accurate!

My hunch was right. I am so in my element doing the privates. I’m still leading 1 group retreat each year, and it’s still over the top amazing and fulfilling. Even more so now that I've followed my heart to add to my offerings this new call of my soul.

So if… You want to go deep You want to treat yourself like royalty You crave ME time, BIG time You want all the perks of a tropical vacation that includes profound soul awakening without the social distraction to pull you out of your deepening intimacy with self and spirit You want to learn how to meditate, do soul nourishing yoga, how to prepare delicious raw cuisine, how to take care of your body, heart and soul so that renewal is your reality….

then come and play with me on a beautiful uncrowded beach on the Mexican Riviera that is my home. I’m booking for next Fall and winter now. See dates here and if you have other dates that work better just let me know.

Check out more about my retreats here & contact me so we can explore how a private retreat could be in your future.



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