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Food Freedom

People often assume that because I lead cleanses and I'm a Holistic Nutrition Raw Food chef that I must be 100% raw vegan 100% of the time and, that that is what I teach others to do.

Nothing could be more false, and I hope I haven't misled you. I'm not about encouraging anyone to eat any particular way. That's not what turns me on. What does turn me on is getting others excited about eating a spiritually and vibrationally rich diet, whatever that means for them. Personally I love sitting down to a bountiful bowl of vibrant food that radiates light, nutrition and harmlessness for the planet. That actually excites me and I believe that enhances the way my body digests and uses the food I am so blessed to consume.

Do I sometimes eat animal protein? Yes. Do I sometimes eat foods containing white sugar? Yes. Do I sometimes eat foods that contain preservatives? Yes. Does that make me a phony? Well that's for you to decide. To me, that makes me real. Food freedom is more important to me than fitting into a dietary category and identifying with that. Like the meditation I practice, I try not to identify with any one thing or way of being, as that's been proven to be the root of inner suffering.

The bottom line is that I seek to replace eating for emotional comfort with eating for spiritual awakening. Eating for emotional comfort is a reality and doesn't have to be unhealthy, as long as it's not what motivates you all the time.

Using food spiritually is a great way to stop using it emotionally.

If a raw vegan diet turns you on spiritually, you'd be a great fit for one of my my group or private retreats.

Again, I'm not trying to get you to convert to any particular diet, only to experience 7 days as a jumping off point for greater spiritual nourishment in all areas of your life. Each meal a prayer!

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