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Happy New Year & Happy New Habits

Hat Contest Winners New Years Eve 2018

Happy New Year from Greg and I and welcome to 2018; an exciting new adventure in growing young body, heart and soul.

One of my teachers (and a dear friend), I'll call her Gaia, has just turned 70. She's been a teacher, guide and inspiration to me for almost 30 years. Gaia's approach to aging sounds something like this; "I don't believe in Age”, I believe in Energy!” And indeed, Gaia, a thriving yoga, dance and meditation teacher still kicks my ass, even though I'm 17 years younger than her biologically.

I'm married to a man of the same age as Gaia, who also blows me away with his stamina in just about every activity (wink wink), and his exceptionally, (and sometimes annoyingly), positive attitude.

Are you ageing or energizing? It' time to start choosing now, because there may be less of an option as time goes by. In fact, perhaps the distinction is only option if we make it early on.

So from this day forward, what will you do and be and choose today that has you growing more energized versus more aged?

Here are my 5 daily habits for growing young. I hope they arouse your joy and inspiration for all the precious days of the coming year and beyond!

1. Move your body- Exercise, dance, walk, clean house, get creative!

2. Cleanse - Consciously nourish yourself, Appreciate every mouthful

3. Embrace your shadow - Face Your Biggest Fears, forgive your faults

4. Live with Purpose - Creatively Express yourself, Serve From Your Heart

5. Love- Have the courage to shine your heart brightly

Read more about each of the habits in my e-book Radiantly Ageless; 5 Daily Habits for Growing Young, and join me on a private or group retreat to really awaken the 5 habits in your beautiful body, heart and soul.

May this year bring all the blessings that your heart desires!



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