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Make Peace with Food

Food, it’s one of the very things that sustains us, (along with water, air and love), and yet most of us are at war with it. Many of us have a dysfunctional, abusive, denial based, overly indulgent, or compulsive relationship with it.

But this relationship isn’t like other relationships. You don’t get to remove yourself from the dynamic of this relationship for long periods of time, to get some space and figure it out, and you sure as hell don’t get to break up! If you want to go on living, get used to it, because this is a monogamous partnership that there's no backdoor to. Food is not going to move out, leave town, change it’s mailing address. You and food are always going to be each other’s one and only.

Till death do you part in other words!

Ok, so given that there’s no trade-ins on this deal, (you’re either going to get it right this time, or starve), take a moment to answer these questions as honestly as possible so we can determine just how in or out of sync you might be with what actually sustains you:

Do you often think of food between meals?

Do you feel guilty after meals?

Do you chronically diet, binge or purge?

Do you chose food based on calories vs nutrient value.

If you answered Yes to even one of these questions, your relationship to food could be considered dysfunctional.

And on top of all that, if the way you eat is physically harming you in any way, be it by causing inflammation, steady weight gain, decay and/or stagnant elimination, it’s time to wake up and make some changes before it’s too late! Your life is not going to wait, it’s happening now, and if you’re abusing your body now, you’re going to pay for it down the road through accelerated aging. Our chronological age may not be in our control, but our biological age (the state of our health) is!

That’s where I come in!

I love to help you get conscious and step into food as the celebration and vital connection to life that it is. I love to help you be truly fed & nourished in a sacred, reverent and life giving way, not just fed to be physically filled up. I love to get you turned on to the joy of feeding yourself high vibration food that’s all about inner peace, instead of inner war.

My private cleansing retreats in paradise set you on a course for high vibration living. You’ll have the space and time to identify that there really is a reset button for your downward spiral and it’s finally time to push it!

Find out more here and let’s start making peace with food together!

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