I’ve spent my life dancing and training to facilitate the magic of dance for others. I trained, performed and competed rigorously until I was 16 when my father had a heart attack while dancing at my cousins wedding, dying shortly thereafter. That’s when I really started dancing and haven’t stopped since.

Dance has been my therapy, my sanity, my creative expression and my sensual awakening. It’s a past time that I will never tire of because as I grow, evolve and change, so too does my dance.

I’ve trained in the following dance modalities:
Belly dance, flamenco, jazz, rhythmic gymnastics, Nia, Trance Dance, Journey Dance, Dancing Freedom, Expressive Arts Therapy & Vividance

Join me in Troncones, Mexico for regular classes at Present Moment Retreat, or at one of my Dance & Cleanse Group retreats.

I’m also available for hire at one of your live events where you’d like to get participants embodying your message. Contact me so we can discuss your vision and how I can be a part of it.


Dear Leela,

Physically, your dance classes were incredible but the true blessing for me was the emotional freedom that opened up for me when I danced in accordance with my heart. I didn’t know I had it in me! I believe I’ve always wanted to be a REAL dancer but was always WAY too self-conscious for it. YOU, my dear, pulled me into a venue of love and expression that I never felt possible. I definitely want to do more of it.

David B