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Embody the 5 stages of VividExistence™ as you move and groove to inspiring music, expressive, energy building choreography and all out free dancin’ fun!


This workout and work in starts out with a gentle guided practice getting you into your senses as a way to inspire your dance. A creative blend of form and freedom, this Nia like practice encourages us to dance from the sensual knowing of the heart for the pleasure of the body, the expression of the emotions and creativity of the mind.

This is a cardio dance experience that gets you sweating and really making love to life!
2 Disc set contains one audiovisual DVD and one music only soundtrack CD.

Radiant Heart Groove, Dance workout DVD/CD Set

SKU: radiantheartdvdcd

    All products are digital (except Textures book). Leela will email you all music and video download links within 48 hours of purchase.  The ebook download links will arrive immediately after purchase.

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