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You may use these links to download my Toolkit and 2 new Ebooks. 


Radient Heart Groove CD Track 01.m4a Track 02.m4a Track 03.m4a Track 04.m4a Track 05.m4a Track 06.m4a Track 07.m4a Track 08.m4a Track 09.m4a Track 10.m4a


Body Breath CD 


Love and light,


Leela Francis Retreats
Yoga, Meditation, Dance and Raw Food Cleansing Retreats on the beach in gorgeous Troncones, Mexico & riverside in Sandpoint, Id. Immerse yourself in serene beauty and uninterrupted peace and quiet for your personal retreat.
Casa Firefly, Playa Norte, Troncones, Gro., Mexico
Gypsy Bay River House,  Sagle, ID