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Awakening the Warrior Within

We all have an inner Warrior that inspires us to get out of bed each morning and live our purpose. Day after day, despite the challenges, we find a reason to face them and rise above them.

I struggle with seasonal mood changes (aka depression) and I've learned through that pain and struggle, to put certain habits and activities in place to help me out of the downward spiral that tries to drag me down.

Spring is supposed to be a time of rebirth, but for me it's just the opposite. Spring is when I struggle most. Fall, on the other hand, a time when nature begins its decay and closing down, has proven, year after year to be a time of lightness and joy for me. What to do? I'm hopelessly out of sync with the natural world!

The only thing I can do is learn what turns me on when everything in me wants to run and hide. Having devoted my life to helping others thrive physically, emotionally and spiritually, the best (only) place to start is with myself, right?

Inner power, Expanding Heart and Unlimited Imagination have been 3 cornerstones of my healing and awakening journey. And if you've yoga'd and danced with me at Enlightnened Warrior Training Camp anytime over the last 15 years, you may remember that these 3 pillars were the pillars of our practice; a roadmap for acitivating, expanding and sustaining warrior power.

Inner Power- Power of the Body

We have the power within ourselves to overcome whatever life throws at us. However, we can only rise to the occasion if we cultivate that power within ourselves on-goingly, not just when we suddenly need it! Devoting time and energy to a healthy body & mind and a rich and meaningful spiritual life (whether that means walking in nature or praying at church), are essentials for growing and sustaining your Enlightened Warrior power.

So, what are you doing on a regular basis to encourage your inner power?

Here are some ideas:





Eat Healthy and balanced

Get enough sleep

Read and watch uplifting inspiring things

Expanding Heart- Power of the Heart

Passion and compassion encourage flexibility and tone of the heart. If you honor your true passions, and extend care and love to those around you, regardless of whether you share the same ideas and life styles, your heart will expand with the light of divine joy. And EVERYTHING you do will be a reflection of that.

How are you nourishing your heart center, and how are you sharing it?

Give these a whirl:

Heartmath practices

Heart engaging Meditation

Volunteer work

Reach out to someone who’s hurting

Suspend judgements about others who are different

Practice self-love through actions and thoughts

Give to those who are less fortunate

Acknowledge those who contribute to your life often

Express gratitude often everyday

Unlimited Imagination- Power of the Mind

Coloring outside the lines and thinking outside the box. The freedom to dream and the courage to believe. These are all paths to awakening consciousness so that you live not in the subconscious mind (memories and experiences from the past), not the conscious mind (learned knowledge) but the superconscious mind (intuitive awareness where miracles are always happening!)

When was your last miracle?

How about:

Read about people who transcended their limiting beliefs


Spend time with high vibration people devoted to the consciousness path

Eat more food that lightens and cleanses you instead of exhausts and drains you

Care about the planet in the choices you make

Turn inward and upward for answers instead of asking what others would do and tryin to win their approval

Tap into nature's wisdom everyday





Find humor in the challenges you face

The lists go on! I know you have a bunch of things you could add to each. Keep adding to your lists and resourcing your lists to keep the 3 pillars of your Warrior power alive.

We're on this journey together (thank Goddess!).

Let's keep inspiring each other to wake up and thrive!

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