The 5 stages of VividExistence is a dynamic and powerful life practice and inquiry into embodiment. By deeply discovering ourselves within each stage we become masters at creating a vibrantly expanding sense of self and ever more Vivid Existence.

The 5 Stages are: Sense, Ground, Mobilize, Harness & Express.

Sense – Develop your felt sense and blossoming energy body awareness

Ground – Deepen your connection to earth and gravitational energy, the root quality of movement and being in and relating to the world

Mobilize – Move energy, the sap of your existence, to begin to grow and transform it

Harness – Expand energy potential by learning how to sustain it through grounding and containing techniques, principles & practices

Express – Enjoy the fruits of your moving and energy exploration

VividExistence not only facilitates an expanded state of being, more importantly it teaches you how to sustain that state, through personal practice, in the service of all of creation. After all, we are mirrors for each other. In the tradition of the spirit canoe, we journey for ourselves and for all of life.

All VividExistence products, events and services are based on the 5 Stages of VividExistence system of sensual awakening, energy expanding, and dynamically liberating expressiveness. We use dance, movement, expressive arts, nature therapy, creative ritual and circle connection to facilitate the embodiment of the stages for an ever more vivid existence.

Upcoming Events (Sign up today!):

Dance Your Power Weekend Retreat

It’s time to discover & claim for yourself the enriching path of beauty and aliveness that is Vividly Woman. Re-connect with the essence of your feminine power through movement & dance, creative ritual, natures wisdom and a circling community of sisters, your tribe. Come home to YOU, body and soul!

Dates for 2011/2012

Oct 25-28 Beaumont, CA
May 23-26 TO, Ont


$650 USD (+ meals and shared accommodation). Space is limited so book today!

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