I am 65. I have never felt so light & free physically & mentally in my life. This retreat revealed abilities that I did not think I had such as ridding my food addictions and thoughts that are harmful. Thank you Leela from the depths of my heart!
J.D. Kansas City


This week was one of the most transformational of my life. A perfect balance of freedom and guidance for the daily schedule made enjoying the breathtaking area possible. I loved the daily routines, it makes it easy to feel like I can incorporate most of these things when I get home. I have never felt so free in my life. I was on the retreat with my partner and we developed a level of intimacy like never before. Thank you Leela, see you next year!
Melanie. QC, Canada


What an incredible week week! A breath taking venue with top notch service and leaders. Full of compassion, knowledge, motivation and inspiration. Hut Go!and do a full immersion, don’t hold back. You will come out of the week more free, feeling healthier and lighter, clearer and devoted to yourself and your purpose. This is a week in paradise you do not want to miss!
Kevin S. TO, Ontario


Leela’s retreat was a life changer for my awakening to a healthier me. The location was off the charts awesome. Perfect location and vibe for what Leela teaches. I feel so blessed to have had this experience.
Monica M, CO


This scrumptious retreat was a treat to my inner being. The setting was beautiful beyond words. The sound of the crashing waves both cleansed my mind and soothed my spirit. The balance of activities stretched my body to places that I never thought could be possible in such a short amount of time. Profound insights into my inner dynamics and I’m going home with action steps to alter my reality and continue the journey that I began here. The growth has been revolutionary and deep. The cleansing was gentle and the raw food relish. I will come again for sure!
M. L Iowa


Leela’s retreat was a god send to me. I’ve never really done a cleanse before and I was pretty nervous. This was easy!!! I feel fantastic and want to continue eating consciously. Ive already lost weight and gained tons of energy. Not only did it benefit my body, but it healed my heart and soul.
The beautiful surroundings gave me peace and allowed me to reset.
D. E


Leela is amazing! Her expansive love, playfulness, deep caring and absolute wisdom of what nourishes both body and soul will have you feeling so yummy at the end of the week. Wow!. My soul feels rejuvenated, my mind clearer and expanded, and my heart open to receive all the joy and connection, to self and to others, that life has to offer. Thank you Leela!
Kyle, K LA