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Dynamic, life changing speaker, facilitator and trainer

Hire LeelaBlending a dynamically soulful mix of dance movement activism, body centered life mentoring, spiritual teaching, and empowered public speaking, Leela’s unique and authentic gift of service touches individuals and groups worldwide. Deep passion and empathy for guiding women to thrive and move through their lives with peace, power and prosperity is the flame that ignites all her offerings.

Founder of Vividly Woman Embodied Leader Tools and Training and the Vividly Woman Embodiment Coach Training, Leela is intensely devoted to aiding women and the men in their lives to personally flourish through her live presentations, special events, online monthly community, experiential tools, virtual and live training program.

An internationally acclaimed dance movement facilitator for more than twenty years, Leela Francis is an esteemed industry expert in the field of body consciousness, self actualization and soulful, personal healing work. Leela’s diverse studies, extensive trainings, holistic shamanic initiations and her own rich personal life experience, add depth, dimension and resounding presence to her mentoring with individuals and groups both in the US and abroad. Leela’s knowledge base as an Integrative Body therapist, yoga instructor, shamanic dance and sacred circle facilitator, have empowered and guided individual transformation to the lives of thousands of recipients of her gifts worldwide.

Leela Francis has been recognized and presented as a valued keynote speaker and trainer and confidently provides audiences large and intimate, with inspiring insight and action strategies to integrate their physical, spiritual and intellectual selves. With grace, charm, wit and supreme sensitivity, Leela motivates and moves people back into the joy & wisdom of their bodies, channels her energy to assist a more connected sense to their own personal power, and allow for the safe, secure environment to open to connecting with others and the life force of personal body intelligence.

Explore what your life can become with Leela Francis keynotes & facilitated programs;

Feminine IS Powerful

Activate Your Business for Solopreneurs

Textures of a Life Richly Lived

Woman’s Way Home: Your Unique Path to Embodied Power

Hire Leela Francis and experience how your audiences will be positively and profoundly changed through her unique programs and her skilled and heartful approach as a facilitator.

“Leela and her Vividly Woman Embodiment teachings amped up the impact of my recent Genius Rockstar Retreat immeasurably.  The participants felt immediately safe to express themselves fully through movement.  They LOVED it and also went to deep and healing places that would not have been possible without Leela’s guidance. She lovingly offered each of the participants laser insights on how to embody their power. The safe and sacred container that Leela creates and the laser insights she brings guided them to integrate my curriculum beyond what I even hoped for. Thank you Leela for sharing your genius so generously!”

Karen Evelyn www.LiveYour Genius.com

Private Mentoring

Private CoachingCreating the life and lifestyle of your dreams is what we’ll devote ourselves to in the Vividly Woman Lifestyle Makeover. For 12 months we’ll explore your specific goals, challenges and creative desires through the 5-Textures of Vividly Woman, the 3 power centers and the 3 lens which together comprise the Vividly Woman methodology. Applying the Vividly Woman body centered tools and practices to the context of your journey towards ever greater sensual, emotional and intuitive fulfillment and freedom, you’ll be empowered to become your own wisest teacher and live a gloriously embodied, delicious and vibrant life.

Mentoring is conducted over the phone for up to 10 hours per month. You’ll also meet with me for 2 private retreat days at my beachfront villa in Mexico or lake view home in Washington.

If you’re ready to devote yourself to YOU, and claim the Vividly Woman Goddess that you are, I’m with you for the next year for the makeover of your life!

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