Would you like to truly inhabit in your body like the beautiful temple that it is, honor the wisdom that lives inside you, experience peace, fulfillment and integrity? Are you longing for greater consciousness around the way you nourish yourself on all levels; physical, mental/emotional and spiritual? Do you feel you deserve more and are ready to start enjoying the richness instead of struggling with the roadblocks in your life?

Let’s get together to create more light, joy and self love in your life.

Contact Leela for information about availability and rates.

Private CoachingCreating the life and lifestyle of your dreams is what we’ll devote ourselves to in the Vividly Woman Lifestyle Makeover. For 12 months we’ll explore your specific goals, challenges and creative desires through the 5-Textures of Vividly Woman, the 3 power centers and the 3 lens which together comprise the Vividly Woman methodology. Applying the Vividly Woman body centered tools and practices to the context of your journey towards ever greater sensual, emotional and intuitive fulfillment and freedom, you’ll be empowered to become your own wisest teacher and live a gloriously embodied, delicious and vibrant life.

Mentoring is conducted over the phone for up to 10 hours per month. You’ll also meet with me for 2 private retreat days at my beachfront villa in Mexico or lake view home in Washington.

If you’re ready to devote yourself to YOU, and claim the Vividly Woman Goddess that you are, I’m with you for the next year for the makeover of your life!

Contact Leela for information about availability and rates.