I’m Not Ageist


I’m all about agelessness, but that doesn’t mean I’m down on aging, or that I live in denial of aging, or that aging is bad. I’m not ageist! Heck, in fact if turning 50 was this good, I’m all for getting even older, bring it on!

We all age, it’s a fact of life. With age the body wears out. Slowing down, wrinkles, etc, are all part of the process, and I welcome them and whatever the future may bring, while still affirming my self worth by making choices that are in alignment with growing young while I age. Fortunately I’ve had many amazing young at heart role models in my life. Friends, teachers, and especially my amazing almost 70 year old husband, (known affectionately as El Toro by his Mexican cycling bothers), who can out do me in just about any sport, even though he’s 17 years older than me.

So what do I mean when I promote Agelessness?

What I mean is that we don’t have to let a number determine limitations and the types of activities we take part in. We can maintain an attitude of dynamic aliveness in our everyday living that defies the common beliefs about aging.

My definition of aging is
“less fun and freedom in your body sooner rather than later”.

We do have the power to accelerate or decelerate aging, and that’s what I’m excited to make conscious empowered choices about each and every day.

Simple facts:
Use it or lose it
A more sedentary life promotes stagnation in all the body’s systems.
Food can corrode or nourish, age or energize.
Cleansing’s healing effect on the digestive system and release of toxins can slow down aging.

So as you can see the rate at which we age is in large part a choice. Choose to slow down aging. Grow young with me in Mexico this winter on a group or private retreat!

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Sweating is Sexy


I just landed back at my Mexico paradise where I live 6 months each year. As if the beauty, warmth, lushness, fresh fruit and spending 24/7 outdoors barefoot weren’t enough, I just remembered another reason I LOVE being here;

I sweat all the time!

Second only to the respiratory system, the skin is our primary avenue for detox. That means the more you sweat, the more you release the yucky stuff that could be making you sick. Not to mention those few extra pounds that just won’t go away!

Ya I run, dance and do yoga, and that generates perspiration, but even walking, reading, preparing food and laughing cause beads of sweat to appear on my skin. When it gets too sticky I jump in the pool or in the ocean, and voila, I’m as fresh as dolphin! I love it. Here in Mexico I’m always detoxing and I feel Sexy doing it!

Some of us grew up being told that sweating isn’t very lady like. Well f**k that! Sweating like a Goddess is a sexy experience not to be missed.

And there’s a reason many indigenous cultures use sweat lodges, saunas and endurance style rituals that induce sweating. Letting go of body toxins encourages the psyche and the spirit to lighten up and fly free!

If a sweaty, sexy, sticky week in paradise sounds divine to you, have a peek and start dreaming about your week together with other sexy Dance & Cleanse Goddesses.

P.S. http://www.leelafrancis.com/site/dance-and-cleanse

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