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The Sensual Art of Raw  

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting my hubby, affectionately known as Greggy, Gregorio or El Toro, you’d know that he’s pragmatic, uncomplicated, chronically content, and nothing if not kind and generous.

He’s passionate about anything having to do with bicycles and can out-ride many much younger than himself.

For him, food is all about fuel. “Fill up and move on”, was typical of his food philosophy once upon a time.

Enter Leela, affectionately known as Leeler, wild chick, dancing Goddess, all about the splash!

Anything but pragmatic, whose approach to food is sensual, emotional and food as fun.
What at first seemed like a clash of opposites turned out to be a divine recipe for ecstatically titillating nourishment, where food could not only be fuel, but could also be an exciting opportunity for a naughty version of nutrition.

Besides the aphrodisiac potential of many foods, we quickly discovered how food could be a creative turn on.

We dipped and dabbled in, (literally), rich creamy spreads, silky smooth purees and sweet refreshing smoothies only to discover that food and erotic play is indeed a match made in heaven. It was way too juicy to keep to ourselves, so I felt compelled to author my first ever cookbook, The Sensual Art of Raw; Erawtic Adventures in Live Food Cuisine.

If you’re curious about how food can nourish you on more levels than just the obvious, check it out and create kinky memories out of delicious encounters of the erawtic kind!

If you’re even more bold, join me for a week of cleansing with raw foods in Mexico at Dance & Cleanse 2017. There won’t be any erawtic group activities, but there’ll be lots of free time if you bring your own playmate to experiment with the erawtic play suggestions featured in The Sensual Art of Raw on your own. Creative license highly encouraged!

Disclaimer: some of the above may be completely made up for marketing purposes! Use your (kinky) imagination!

Upcoming opportunities to dance with me:

Dance & Cleanse Mexico http://www.leelafrancis.com/site/dance-and-cleanse

New Peaks Wizard Camp http://newpeaks.com/camps/wizard-training-camp

Yoga, Water & Wellness http://www.retreatsinbeing.com/mexico-retreat.html

Born to Thrive https://www.facebook.com/events/1688540694704136

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Body Dreaming


When we sleep, our minds dream. Subconcsious material rises to the surface so we can let it go and get free.

When you dance, do yoga, move authentically and expressively, that is your body dreaming. Memories, trauma, pain and repressed material are given a chance to emerge and be released. When the body is given permission to dream honestly, we create better health and freedom, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

What if you don’t move, play, or dabble in the arts of honest somatic expression that engage all the systems of your body? Well, according to Harvard Medical studies, you will age significantly faster and sooner.

When I don’t move, I get crusty, moody, and bitchy. I’m just not much fun to be around. (Ask my husband!)

Movement on a regular basis is so effective for my wellbeing that it’s the 1st habit In my ebook, Radiantly Ageless; 5 Daily Habits for Growing Young.

Let’s face it. We all have stuff we’ve swept under the rug in hopes of avoiding pain, fear or frustration. We can pretend not to see it, but it’s there all the same. Moving is one way to empty the trash and free yourself of the unnecessary clutter that’s bogging down your operating system.

Dance & Cleanse Mexico Retreat sweeps out the clutter and reboots your operating system on all levels. Join me for a week of profound inner scouring & decluttering. Everything in your life will sparkle vividly!



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