Body Dreaming


When we sleep, our minds dream. Subconcsious material rises to the surface so we can let it go and get free.

When you dance, do yoga, move authentically and expressively, that is your body dreaming. Memories, trauma, pain and repressed material are given a chance to emerge and be released. When the body is given permission to dream honestly, we create better health and freedom, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

What if you don’t move, play, or dabble in the arts of honest somatic expression that engage all the systems of your body? Well, according to Harvard Medical studies, you will age significantly faster and sooner.

When I don’t move, I get crusty, moody, and bitchy. I’m just not much fun to be around. (Ask my husband!)

Movement on a regular basis is so effective for my wellbeing that it’s the 1st habit In my ebook, Radiantly Ageless; 5 Daily Habits for Growing Young.

Let’s face it. We all have stuff we’ve swept under the rug in hopes of avoiding pain, fear or frustration. We can pretend not to see it, but it’s there all the same. Moving is one way to empty the trash and free yourself of the unnecessary clutter that’s bogging down your operating system.

Dance & Cleanse Mexico Retreat sweeps out the clutter and reboots your operating system on all levels. Join me for a week of profound inner scouring & decluttering. Everything in your life will sparkle vividly!



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The Holy Medicine of Your Body


I’ve struggled with bouts of depression and anxiety since my teens. Born into a culture where both are common, yet still so misunderstood and mistreated, I was blessed to discover the holy medicine of my body as a remedy for these challenges. I learned how to access and flow this holy medicine years ago thru yoga, dance, nature outings, conscious eating & cleansing, and body centered meditation practices.

Prana, chi, kundalini, life force, energy, whatever name you use for it, it’s the primal source of our existence and the essence of our aliveness that can only be found within.

I’ve made lifestyle and career choices that allowed me to prioritize habits & practices that encourage the flow of my holy medicine. Some would call that self-centered, others might say it’s wise!

Either way, it qualifies me to help others who struggle to keep

their life force flowing.

When I’m in the bliss of my asana practice while the sun sets over the pacific, or dancing with my tribe of conscious cohorts, or tapping into my heart’s power to flow with healing love, or eating consciously and cleanly, struggles fall away, and I swim ecstatically in the juicy rich elixir of light filled existence that makes me ask the question; why would I not be doing this all the time? Why is it I forget to do this at times, or at least don’t spend more of my waking hours doing this?

What is your holy medicine and how do you get it to flow?
Why don’t you spend more of your time there?
How could you arrange your life so that you could?

Retreat with me soon and drink from your own deep well of holy medicine. It flows infinitely, you just need to go to the well and you’ll find the quench for all your thirsts.

Love and infinite flow,
P.S. Retreats, group or private are a powerful way to kickstart and/or sustain the flow!

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