Forgiveness Cleanse

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How do you relate to food and eating?

When you eat something not on your “diet”, do you call that cheating, when you feed your sweet tooth, is that indulgence, when you stray from your “proper” eating regimen do you call that breaking your diet? There’s nothing positive or forgiving about any of those expressions.

How on earth can we possibly expect to be nourishing ourselves on any level, when those are the thoughts and judgements that are circulating through our brains before, during and especially after we eat, when digestion, metabolic processing and nutrient absorption should be taking place?

I know this dance intimately. For most of my life, every meal caused feelings of shame & blame for simply feeding myself, the very thing that keeps me alive. Eating was synonymous with guilt, which became so natural for me when eating that I barely noticed it was happening anymore. Growing up in a culture and a home that valued a certain standard of beauty, I learned to prioritize the way I looked over the way I felt. Food became the enemy. It was only when I started focussing on nourishment instead of calories, that I began actually experiencing guilt free truly pleasurable eating. What a concept!

To really nourish ourselves, we need to forgive ourselves and infuse love into how we eat.

Forgiveness and Love can be an artful dance that in and of itself feeds us.

The Art of Raw, my new 5 day raw food cooking, yoga, & cleansing retreat is the gateway into feeding ourselves with heart and making peace once and for all with food.

You don’t have to be or even want to be a raw foodist, you just to need to be curious about creative, healthy ways of eating & cleansing, and want to experience that in paradise!

The Art of Raw is 5 days that will shift you in profound and enduring ways. I’m ready if you are!

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I’m Bi, and I’m Coming Out!

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Enough with all or nothing, having to choose one side or the other. I’m coming out! I’m bi. Bi-nutiritional that is!

That’s right, I eat raw and cooked food. Gasp!
I live from day to day listening inwardly, taking stock about my circumstances and my body’s needs to determine what and how much to eat.

When I cleanse however, I mainly cleanse raw. For me that’s what’s been working. For some, inclusion of lightly steamed veggies and broth might be in order, either way, it’s about listening honestly and making choices based on the now.

Cleansing teaches us to refer inwardly and makes it easier to do so because it clears out the brain fog that comes with eating foods that cause it. Instead, we get clear and light, with direct access to inner and divinely channeled wisdom so we can really hear truth, raw truth!

I’m an advocate of radical integrity and honesty with one’s self, and yes sometimes I fall short of that ideal. Sometimes I deceive myself through the food that I eat regarding it’s nutritional value, general and specific physiological impact, or my emotional motivation for eating it. If you can relate to any of that, then cleansing may be just the practice for getting you back into integrity with yourself just like it works for me. The health benefits are immeasurable, and will help you sleep free and clear each night, knowing that you’re attending to your truth on all levels.

                       In an effort to help you and others cleanse using raw food, delicious raw food,
I’ve created a brand new retreat called The Art of Raw.

In this 5 day yoga & cleansing retreat this April, you’ll enjoy 4 raw gourmet food prep classes, (from crackers to entrees to sinfully yummy desserts), in my beautiful open air kitchen on the beach. Find out more here.

If you’ve tried cleansing on your own and it hasn’t met your needs, you’re a cleansing virgin, or you’re just interested in adding to what you already know, Come cleanse with me!

Find out more about the Art of Raw Retreat.

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