My body is a sacred temple. Over the years I’ve learned that the way I feed it can either be a spiritual practice, a matter of practical necessity or a way to abuse myself. Having dabbled in all 3 , I have been blessed to discover the sacred art of eating & cleansing as a spiritual practice and that is where I chose to devote myself.

My journey with food has been an adventure for sure! Bulimia, weight loss dieting, emotional eating and overeating, vegetarianism, cleansing/detoxing diet, raw food diet, semi vegetarianism with periods of raw and generally just listening to my body and eating when and what and how much it genuinely craves to feel good, healthy and conscious! (This last eating style being the most current and most enduring!)

I have touched and fondled so many ways of relating to food it makes me dizzy.

I grew up in a home where food was the way we gathered and communicated (sound familiar?). Where heated topics were discussed at the table, where I zoned out because I couldn’t relate or chose not to, where weight was an obsession and eating always made me feel guilty because of how “fat” I was, or thought I was.

Food was a way to escape, a way to emotionally satisfy hurts and shame, a way to deny and punish myself.

My journey with food is a radically different experience now. Today, I use food to celebrate my life, to affirm my self worth and to connect to the vital beauty and blessings of our amazing planet. My own healing journey with food called me to want to help others on this path.

So in my efforts to become a knowledgeable and trustworthy guide, I have travelled all over the world, learning from some of the most renowned teachers and cleansing at the most revered cleansing institutions.

What I’ve discovered is that while good nutrition is a science, good health is more of an art form that relies on common sense, wise choices and lots of loving support from community, from nature and most importantly, from within.

I have created a healing space where you can leave behind the stresses and challenges of every day life and come back home to the wholeness that is your true essence. I can help you remember that version of yourself, because I’m constantly navigating my way back there myself. It’s a daily journey of devotion to the essence of our being as love. We all forget and lose our way.


That’s where I come in:


I love to help my clients get conscious and step into food as the celebration and vital connection to life that it is.

I love to inspire those around me to feel truly fed & nourished in a sacred, reverent and life giving way, not just fed to be physically filled up.

I love to turn others on to the joy of feeding ourselves high vibration food that’s all about inner peace, instead of inner war.

If the path home to a healthy, sustainable, spiritually awake relationship to food entices you, let’s get together!

I look forward to creating soul nourishing memories with you!